Friday, 21 March 2014


1. Oh Lord,All Boasting Powers Delegated Against Me, Be Silenced Permanently, In The Name Of Jesus.
2. Oh Lord,I Withdraw All My Benefits From The Hands Of The Oppressors, In The Name Of Jesus.
3. Oh Lord,Let All Unprofitable Marks In My Life Be Erased, In Jesus’ Name.
4. Oh Lord,Let Every Power Chasing Away My Blessings Be Paralyzed, In The Name Of Jesus.
5. Oh Lord,Let Every Good Thing Eaten Up By The Enemy Be Vomited Now, In The Name Of Jesus.
6. By the power of God,I Paralyze All Spiritual Wolves Working Against My Life, In The Name Of Jesus.
7. Oh Lord,Let That Which Hinders Me From Greatness Begin To Give Way Now, In The Mighty Name Of Jesus.
8. Oh Lord,Let Every Imprisoned And Buried Potentials Begin To Come Forth Now, In The Name Of Jesus.
9. You Unfriendly Helpers, I Command You, In The Name Of The Lord Jesus Christ, Depart From Me.
10.Oh Lord,Let Every Negative Transactions Currently Affecting My Life Negatively Be Canceled, In The Name Of Jesus.
11.Oh Lord,I Command All The Dark Works Done Against My Life In The Secret To Be Exposed And Be Nullified, In The Name Of Jesus.
12.By the power of the almighty,my enemies will not prevail against me in Jesus name

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