Sunday, 10 January 2016

Prayer Points For Open Doors

1. Lord. open the doors of heavenly blessings and breakthrough upon my life, ministry, business, profession, health, income, and relationships. in the name of Jesus Christ.

2. I interrupt by Holy Ghost fireplace, every satanic forces, demonic blockage, remote management, gadgets, and monitoring devices, militating against my open doors. No man or devil will shut the open doors before me and open heaven over my life, in Jesus Name.

3. I decree, declare, proclaim that the doors of heavenly treasures are open permanently to me in Jesus Name. I claim perpetual open heaven over my life, my family, my ministry,workplace and everything I do.

4. Lord, open the flood gates of heaven and rain avalanche of blessing upon me as angels ascend and descend unto me, in Jesus Name.

5. in the name of Jesus Christ, I seal all back doors and windows that provide the enemy access into my blessings or divine treasures.

6. I cancel, reverse, neutralize, veto and counter any demonic decrees, spells, ordinances, enchantment, plans, ploy, plot and pronouncements against my open doors. I declare and decree that my open door blessings, divine favors, and open heaven remain permanent in Jesus Name.
7. in the name of Jesus Christ, I command every demonic door or doorway designed to cart away my blessings to burn to ashes by Holy Ghost fireplace.

8. Lord, because of your open door blessing over my life, bypass policies, politics, protocols, procedures, process and routines to favor me in Jesus Name.

9. I decree, declare, pronounce and proclaim that each closed doors of favor by the devil, familiar spirits, witchcraft and marine spirits be open by Holy Ghost fireplace, in Jesus Name.

10. I shatter, scatter and set ablaze by Holy Ghost fireplace, every satanic doors, brass doors, cursed ancestral doors, iron and limitation doors, closed against my progress and my family, in Jesus Name.

11. I consume by Holy Ghost fireplace all roadblocks, barricades, hindrances, chains, iron bars, and padlock at the entrance of my open door, in the may name of Jesus Christ.

12. I walk through destiny-promotion open doors designed by the Holy Ghost and seal by fireplace any cursed demonic door, In Jesus Name.

13. By the Holy Ghost, I station guard angels and warrior angels of fire to man my open doors and divine favors, in Jesus mighty Name.

14. Let the angelic watchers, prosperity and worshipping angels guard and guide my open doors continuously. In Jesus Name.

15. Lord, open wide all doors you have got ordained and close permanently all hell's doors. And let me discern the distinction, in Jesus Name.

16. By Holy Ghost fireplace, I burn to ashes, all demonic thrones, authorities and dominions sitting at the door of my blessings, in Jesus name.

17. Lord, open the doors of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus and set me from the door of the shadow of death. In Jesus Name.

18. By the Holy Ghost, I sprinkle the protective blood of Jesus Christ on every door posts of my house, workplace or workplace.

19. Lord Jesus Christ, I open the door of my heart to you and interrupt the enemy's access by Holy Ghost fireplace.

20.The word says  Lift your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors...I  commnd therefore that every ancestral doors closed against my lifting be lifted IJN.

21. Lord, I ask you to restore all that I actually have lost as a result of ignorance, witchcraft and closed doors by the enemy.


  1. Thank God for this powerful prayer points....more blessing to you sir Amen

  2. Thank you GOD for answered prayers