Monday, 29 December 2014

150+ Diverse Prayer Points On Marriage

1.        I command, every force manipulating and hindering my marriage to be destroyed in Jesus name.
2.        Oh Lord, by the blood of Jesus I cancel every evil anti-marriage mark in Jesus Name.
3.        Every known and unknown covenant delaying my marriage be cancelled in Jesus Name.
4.        Every power preventing me from locating my marriage partner be destroyed in Jesus Name.
5.        Every power preventing my marriage partner from locating me, be consumed by the fire of the Holy Spirit.
6.        Every force magnetizing wrong people to me be destroyed in Jesus Name.
7.        Every witchcraft weapon, delegated to afflict my marital future, catch fire in Jesus Name.
8.        Every evil spirit, covering the eyes of my future husband/wife be dislocated in Jesus Name.
9.By the power that removed the stones covering the tomb of Jesus, every spiritual stone of hindrance stopping the glory of my marriage to manifest, be rolled away today.
10.    Lord, in your power, let all that will jilt and deceive me, be turned away from me.
11.    In the name Jesus, I break every generational curse of late marriage.
12.    Thou spirit husband/ wife delaying my marital progress, receive the fire of Holy Ghost now in Jesus Name.
13.    Every mark of permanent single life is erased from my life in Jesus Name.

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