Monday, 31 March 2014


1.Oh Lord,in this new month let Any rulers of darkness operating to cut off my destiny be paralysed in the name of Jesus
2. Every satanic agenda for my life in this new month be cancelled in the name of Jesus
3. In this new month, every Arrow of destruction traveling at night towards my household turn back to your sender in the name of Jesus
4. Thou witchcraft power  targeting my family for destruction  in this new month, scatter in the name of Jesus
5. Every demonic agent contending against my destiny in this new month be destroyed  in the name of Jesus
6. Thou month of ..........., hear the word of the Lord,VOMIT my blessings in Jesus name
7. Every witchcraft conspiracy to frustrate my life in this new month ,scatter in the name of Jesus

8. O Lord, in this new month let every invisible and visible chain tying me down from moving forward, burn  to ashes in Jesus name.
9.Oh Lord, Let the doors and gates of the month of .................,  open unto me now in the mighty name of Jesus
10.Oh Lord, Let the womb of the month of ................. open and release my divine benefits in Jesus name.
11.Oh Lord in this new month I receive wisdom to excel in everything I am doing in Jesus name
12.By divine power ,in this month: I will always be in the right place at the right time in Jesus name.
13.In this new month my helpers will locate  me at all cost
14.Oh Lord in this new month…I will not lack money
15.By the power of God, in this new month.,my  heaven  is open

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  1. My name is Tope Oni.Rev,pls pray that this month I will secure a good job,Thanks