Wednesday, 26 March 2014


  1. By The Blood Of Jesus, I Enter The Ark Of Power And Glory, I Robe Me With The Garment Of Power And Glory, In The Name Of Jesus.
  2. I Declare That I Am A Fire-Brand Of Jehovah, Therefore Every Satanic Garment Of Shame Assigned To Resist My Calling And My Glory, I Rebuke You Now, Catch Fire And Burn To Ashes!!! In The Name Of Jesus.
  3. Every Filth And Iniquity In My Foundation Preventing The Manifestation Of My Divine Glory: Be Purged By Holy Ghost Fire! Be Consumed By The Blood Of The Lamb Of God, In Jesus’ Name.
  4. Arrows From The Grave, Fired To Capture My Glory: I Am Not Your Candidate! Go Back By Fire!! In The Name Of Jesus.
  5. Strange Powers That Swallow Glory, My Life Is Not Your Candidate, Therefore, Perish!!! In Jesus’ Name.
  6. My Glory, If You Are Sinking Or Fading, Hear Now The Voice Of God: “Arise Now And Shine!!!” In Jesus’ Name.
  7. Any Dark Plantation In My Life That Would Make God Declare ‘Where Art Thou?’ Be Uprooted And Consumed By Holy Ghost Fire!!! In Jesus’ Name.
  8. O Lord, Do A Glorious Thing In My Life Before The Close Of This Year That Will Make Every Ear That Hears It To Tingle, In The Name Of Jesus. In Jesus’ Name.
  9. O Ark Of Glory, Come Into My Tabernacle After The Order Of Obed-Edom, In Jesus’ Name.
  10. My Glory, My Glory, My Glory! What Are U Doing In The Prisonyard Of Shame And Stagnation? Arise! B-R-E-A-K Loose!! Jump Out!!! And Manifest Now By Fire In Jesus’ Name.
  11. Every Handwriting Of Death And Ichabod Against My Destiny And Calling, Be Wiped Off By The Blood Of Jesus!
  12. Glory Of God, Fertilize My Destiny For Testimonial Fruits This Year , In The Name Of Jesus.
  13. Arrows Of Captivity From The Grave, Fired To Capture My Glory: I Am Not Your Candidate! Go Back By Fire!! Capture Your Senders!!! In The Name Of Jesus.
  14. O Sun Of Righteousness, Let Your Glory Overtake And Consume Every Stumbling Iniquity Of My Father’s House Assigned To Make Me Fall Into Shame And Sorrow, In Jesus’ Name.
  15. O Glory Of The Sun, Arise And Consume Every Dark Arrows Fired Against My Star, In Jesus’ Name.
  16. O Glory Of The Sun, Catapult Me From The Poverty Of Obscurity Into Kingdom Stardom!!! In Jesus’ Name.
  17. O Glory Of The Moon, Hear Me And Hear Me Well: You Shall Not Recede Even In My Night Season! In The Name Of Jesus.
  18. I Confront The Strange Power Of Ichabod Which Stole The Glory Of My Family Line, With The Blood Of Jesus: You Shall Not Separate Me From The Presence Of God, Therefore, Restore My Ancestral Glory To Me Now And Depart By Fire!!! In The Name Of Jesus.
  19. Every Spirit Of Delilah Assigned To Sap My Virtue And Shave Off My Glory Your Time Is Up: S-C-A-T-T-E-R Unto Desolation!!! In Jesus’ Name.
  20. Expired Glory Of My Father’s House, Be Ignited With Fresh Fire Of Revival!!! In The Name Of The Lord Jesus Christ.
  21. Fading Glory Of My Family Line, Hear The Voice Of Resurrection: Arise Now And Shine By Fire!!! In Jesus’ Name.
  22. Arrows Of Ichabod Fired To Stagnate And Separate Me From My Glory, Backfire!!! In Jesus’ Name.
  23. O My Glory, Hear The Word Of The Lord: You Shall Not See Corruption Anymore And For Ever!!! In Jesus’ Name.
  24. O Glory Of God, Illuminate My Destiny Now, In The Name Of Jesus.
  25. O Thou That Troubleth My Glory, The King Of Glory Shall Trouble You Today, In The Name Of Jesus.
  26. My Troubled Glory, Receive Strength, Arise And Triumph Over Your Troublers!!! In The Name Of Jesus.
  27. You The Collective Glory Of My Nation (Mention The Name Of Your Country, Your City, Your Tribe, Your Community E.T.C): Arise In Unison! B-R-E-A-K Loose And Recover Yourself From The Chains Of Wickedness!! In Jesus’ Name.
  28. Glory Of My Ancestors, Buried By Idolatry: Be Uprooted By Fire And Locate Me Now!!! In Jesus’ Name.
  29. Glory Of My Family Line, Swallowed By Centuries Of Iniquities, I Recover You By The Blood Of Jesus!!!
  30. You The Glory Of My Parents, Swallowed By Ignorance, Hear The Voice Of Fire: B-R-E-A-K Loose Now And Relocate My Destiny!!! In The Name Of Jesus.
  31. My Family Glory, Hijacked And Diverted By Dark Powers, B-R-E-A-K Loose And Overtake Me Now!!! In Jesus’ Name.
  32. O King Of Glory, Change Me From Glory To Glory, In The Name Of Jesus.
  33. Every Goliath Defying And Saying No To My Glory, Your Time Is Up: Be Destroyed In The Name Of Jesus.
  34. By The Glory Power That Blinded Saul On His Way To Damascus, Let Every Eyes Monitoring My Life For Evil Go Blind Now!!! In The Name Of Jesus.
  35. Every Horn Of Wickedness Assigned To Scatter My Glory, You Are A Liar: B-R-E-A-K To Pieces And Rise No More!!! In Jesus’ Name.
  36. By The Unapproachable Light Of Jehovah, I Smite Every Agent Of Shame And Darkness In My Life With Blindness And Put Them To Stumbling Flight!!! In The Name Of Jesus.
  37. Now O Lord I Beseech Thee: Show Me Thy Glory!!! Let Your Glory Manifest In My Life In the Name Of Jesus.
  38. O Lord My God, The Story Of My Life Needs A Change, Therefore O Lord: Change My Story To Glory!!! In The Name Of Jesus.
  39. In The Battle Against Poverty, Shame And Reproach, O King Of Glory, Fight For Me And Give Me Victory!!! In Jesus’ Name.
  40. Every Power Mandated To Bury My Glory, Ur Time Is Up! Die!
  41. Every Power Assigned Against My Day Of Glory, Die!!
  42. My Life, Reject Every Influence Of Ichabod!!!
  43. Every Witchcraft Agenda For My Glory: S-C-A-T-T-E-R!!!!
  44. Anything That Needs To Disappear For My Glory To Appear & Shine: Die Now!!!!! In The Name Of Jesus.

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