Sunday, 24 August 2014

144 Prayer Points For Personal Retreat & General Breakthrough

 1. My father,my father,let any of my miracles that has eluded me , be restored 7 fold in the name of Jesus.  Joel 2: 25

2. Father, disgrace everyone who has oppressed me because they were in a higher position than me (Genesis 20:3; Lamentations 3:35-36)

3. Oh Lord, I command every stronghold of Satan in my life and family to be pulled down now IJN- 2 Corinthians 10:4

4. Angels of the living God, roll away every stone of hindrance planned for me and my family in this year in Jesus name.  John 11: 39

5. Every door of attack on my spiritual progress be closed, in Jesus' name.

6.Thou thunder fire of God; begin to strike down all demonic strongholds manufactured against me.

7. Father, anoint me with the power to pursue, overtake and recover my stolen properties from the enemy.

8. All my properties captured by spiritual robbers in the dream, become too hot to handle and come back to me, in the name of Jesus.

8. By the power of God,I will Arise and shine for my light has come in Jesus name. (Isaiah 60:1)

9. Thou Glory of God; arise upon me in Jesus name. (Isaiah 60:2)

10. It is written in “John 1:5, “the light shines in darkness; and the darkness could not comprehended it”; therefore, every darkness around and within me, disappear in Jesus name.

11. As from this day, my heart will swell with joy all the days of my life in Jesus name. (Isaiah 60:5)

12. As from this day, Foreigners will come to rebuild my walls in Jesus name. (Isaiah 60:10)

13. As from this day, Kings and rulers will send me aid in Jesus name. (Isaiah 60:10)

14. O God arise and show me compassion in your favour in Jesus name. (Isaiah 60:10)

15. My gates stay open around the clock and receive the wealth of many lands in Jesus name. (Isaiah 60:11)

16. Kings of the world will compete to bless me in Jesus name. (Isaiah 60:11)

17. I decree by the power of the Holy Ghost, Those who despised me will bow before my feet in Jesus name. (Isaiah 60:14).

18. As from this day, I will be called the City of the Lord and Zion of the Holy One of Israel in Jesus name. (Isaiah 60:14).

19. O God arise and make me an eternal excellence and a joy of many generations in Jesus name. (Isaiah 60:15).

20. As from this day, Powerful kings and mighty nations will bring the best of their goods to satisfy my every need in Jesus name. (Isaiah 60:16).

21. Glory of God, over shadow me in Jesus name. (Isaiah 60:19).

22. O God arise and be my everlasting light in Jesus name. (Isaiah 60:20).

23. I decree by the power of the Holy Ghost, all my days of mourning shall come to an end in Jesus name. (Isaiah 60:20).

24. Lord, every door that is shut against my riches and gates against my breakthroughs, and against the riches destined to come unto me, cause them to open continually day and night so that people may bring unto me the riches of the Gentiles (Isa 45:1-2).

25. Father, bless my latter end more than the beginning (Job 42:12).

26. I shall not be a prey in the mouth of the wicked (Malachi 3:6) in the name of Jesus.

27. Father covers me and my family with your feathers (Psalm 91:4).

28. Father satisfies me with long & healthy life in the name of Jesus (Psalm 91:16).

29.  All conspiracies and evil scheme directed against me and my family be frustrated in the name of Jesus.

30. Like Daniel and Esther of old, Father, clothe me with the spirit of preference in Jesus mighty name.

31. Everywhere I go, the favor of God will make me an irresistible attraction and acceptance.

32. Uncommon favor of God shall attend unto all my requests, applications and prayers and appearances in Jesus name.

33. Where others have been rejected, I shall be accepted, -where they’ve been abused and condemned, I shall be praised and commended, -where they’ve failed, I shall succeed, and -where they’ve been tolerated, I shall be celebrated because of God’s aroma of favor on me.

34. My destiny shall not be wasted in Jesus name.

35. Wind of destiny; blow me to the correct location for my allocation in life.

36. Thou divine wind that blow Joseph, Esther and Daniel to their correct destinies, blow over me in Jesus name.

37. O thou God of grace and mercy, intervene in my destiny in Jesus name.

38. Holy Spirit, I enter into Your divine favour today. Let the oil of Your favour begin to flow upon me.

39. Everywhere I turn, the doors shall be opened unto me in Jesus’ name.

40. Whatever I lay my hands upon, shall succeed in the name of the Lord Jesus.

41. Father, give everyone on any panel or committee that will decide my case or cause a special favor and liking for me in Jesus name.

42. I come against you spirit of rejection. Get out of my life in the name of Jesus.

43. I reject and dismiss the spirits of shame and mockery.

44. Father, put your favor and flavor in my voice, looks, appearance, and the works of my hands.

45. Father, relocates me from the place of disfavor to my place of favor and destiny.

46. I shall not be an abandoned project in Jesus name.

47. My destiny shall not be diverted in Jesus name.

48. In Jesus name, you spirit of disfavor and rejection, I break your power over my life.

49. Lord, create strategic opportunity for my uplifting in life.

50. Let the deliverance fire of God come upon my life, in the name of Jesus.

51. Every evil gathering against my prayers be scattered by the fire of the Holy Ghost in the name of Jesus.

52. Father, I refuse failure in the name of Jesus.

53. Father, I reject backwardness in the name of Jesus.

54. Father, visits my foundation today in the name of Jesus.

55. Let the unquenchable anger of God befall my enemies in the name of Jesus.

56. I refuse to be wasted in the name of Jesus.

57. I refuse to be frustrated in the name of Jesus.

58. I refuse to eat the bread of sorrow in the name of Jesus.

59. I refuse to drink the water of affliction in the name of Jesus.

60. Any power which has succeeded to defeat my parent and now has vowed to do the same to me, you are a liar perish without mercy in the  name of Jesus.

61. Make this declaration strongly in your heart:

(a) I will win where others are being defeated in the name of Jesus.

(b) I will succeed where others are failing

(c) I will be what God said I will be in the name of Jesus.

62. Every evil exchange done over my destiny through sexual contact with any satanic agent be reversed by the blood of Jesus.

63. I recover my destiny from marine kingdom, witchcraft, graveyard spirit in the name of Jesus

64. Every mark of bypass over my life be washed away by the blood   of Jesus.

65. I recover my destiny from the spirit of death and hell in the name of   Jesus

66. Every Goliath troubling my destiny be disgraced in the name of Jesus

67. Every river of affliction flowing into my destiny, dry up to  your sources in the name of Jesus.

68. Any exchange done over my destiny at any witchdoctor’s house,  be reversed by the blood of Jesus.

69. Any exchange done over my destiny through sex, be reversed by  the blood of Jesus.

70. Any evil done over my destiny through evil laying on of hands,  be reversed by the blood of Jesus.

71. Any exchange done over my destiny by any wicked teacher, be  reversed by the blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus.

72. Any evil done on my destiny by any wicked aunt, uncle,  grandma, cousin, brother, sister or any close relatives;  through sexual contact, be reversed by the blood of  Jesus in the name

73. I cover my life with the blood of Jesus.

74. Heaven over my life, open by fire in Jesus name

75. Heaven over my life tear in the name of Jesus

76. I receive the anointing for uncommon wealth by fire in Jesus name

77. Every satanic king and authority contesting for my glory die in Jesus name

78. Any curse pronounced against my progress backfire in Jesus name

79. My father, keep me away from those who will demote me in Jesus name

80. My father connect me with my divine helpers in the name of Jesus

81. My father lead me those who will bless me in the name of Jesus

82. Heaven over my calling, carrier, business and marriage open by fire in Jesus name

83. Ground, open and swallow every strange spirit troubling my life in Jesus name

84. Where is the Lord God of Elijah, arise, and let my story change in Jesus name

85. Every power saying NO to my breakthrough BE DESTROYED in the name of Jesus

86. Oh God of signs and wonders, answer your name in my life in Jesus name.

87. Father, establishes a wall of fire around me and my family members against all forms of assault.

88. Father, I prophesy to every gate militating against my progress and advancement to lift up their heads in the name of Jesus.

89. Father, let your hedge of protection be strong around me and my family.

90. Let every arrow shot against me and my family return to the sender.

91. Father, let your glory be evident in every area of my life this year in Jesus’ name.

92. Covenant binding me with untimely death, break in the name of Jesus.

93. Ancestral grave yard of my fathers house, waiting for my body in the grave, catch fire in Jesus name.

94. Strong man of death assigned to kill me before my time, what are you living for die, in Jesus name.

95. Any man or woman sewing grave clothing for me, be buried with your cloth.

96. Curses of untimely death in my destiny break in the name of Jesus.

97. Arrows fired against my soul from the grave, backfire, in the name of Jesus.

98. Any power assigned to pursue me to untimely grave, die in my place in the name of Jesus.

99. Any dream of death I cancel you in the name of Jesus.

100. I shall not die but live to declare the works of the Lord, in Jesus name.

101. I separate myself from any physical and spiritual death, in Jesus name.

102. Oh Lord redeem my soul from the power of the grave, in the name of Jesus.

103. Covenant of death over my life, be cancelled by the Blood of Jesus.

104. Obituary Poster prepared for me in the spirit realm, catch fire and roast to pieces in Jesus name

105. Any day in this year marked as my day of death, become the day of my glory in Jesus name.

106. Evil powers drawing me to the grave be paralyzed in Jesus name.

107. Any power that has vowed that he will not see me prosper, die in Jesus name

108. Lord, baptizes me with the spirit of grace and supplication and favor.

109. I reject the spirit of rejection, disfavor and hatred in Jesus name.

110. You seed of generational rejection and disfavor, die in my life in Jesus name.

111. Lord, perfumes my life with your oil of favor.

112. Thou favor of God upon my life, begin to displace people for my sake.

113. Favor of God, create strategic vacancies for me.

114. You foundational spirit of hatred and rejection in my life, die right now in Jesus name.

115. Every seed of witchcraft in my life; die by fire.

116. I command every representation and mark of rejection in my life to burn and perish.

117. Every seed of rejection, hatred and failure in my life, I command you to be consumed. by the fire of God in the name of Jesus.

118. Every curse, spell, and enchantment of disfavor in my life, whether acquired, inherited, ancestral or environmental, be destroy from my foundation in Jesus mighty name.

119. Every spirit servicing and enforcing disfavor, rejection and hatred in my life: be bound and liquidated by God’s fire in Jesus name.

120. Let the fire and thunder of God visit my foundations on both maternal and paternal sides.

121. All you invisible marks and labels of rejection and disfavor on any part of my body be blotted out by the blood of Jesus.

122. Father, from henceforth, turn my disgrace into grace, my shame to fame, my labor to favor, my story to glory, my pressure to pleasure and my pain to gain in Jesus name.

123. Any power using the night to steal from me, BE BURIED ALIVE!!! in the name of Jesus.

124. Every night warfare that has prospered against me, be disgraced now in the name of Jesus.

125. Powers of the night assigned to disgrace me, I BURY YOU NOW!!! in the name of Jesus.

126. Every satanic activity against me in the night, be buried alive!!! in the name of Jesus.

127. Powers of the night troubling my dream life SCATTER!!! in the name of Jesus.
128. Wicked mark put on my forehead in the night, be wiped off by the blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus.

129. Every power blocking the way of my complete joy, SCATTER!!! in the name of Jesus.

130. Every power that does not want to let me go, be disgraced, in the name of Jesus.

131. Powers of the night troubling my habitation, become impotent in the name of Jesus.

132. Every power searching for my face in demonic mirrors, your time is up! DIE!!! in the name of Jesus.

133. Wickedness of the night assigned against my life, EXPIRE!!! in the name of Jesus.

134. Today, my Father, provoke Your violent angels to fight for me, in the name of Jesus.

135.  Today, witchcraft bird flying against me, shall die!!! in the name of Jesus.

136. Every enemy that came while I was sleeping, your time is up! PARALYSE & DIE! in the name of Jesus.

137. Every Pharaoh of my father’s house, sink into  the red sea, in the name of Jesus.

138. Anti-prosperity chains, my hand is not your candidate, BREAK!!!

139. Father, send me helpers of my destiny (1 Chronicles 12:18; Romans 16:3)

140. Every garment making my life to stink, (garnet of shame and reproach)  be replaced with the garment of glory in the name of Jesus. Isaiah 61:7

141. Father, keep my children out of trouble and let them know you as their Lord. Ecclesiastes 12:1

142. Every satanic embargo placed on my goodness and prosperity be scattered to irreparable pieces, in the name of Jesus.

143. Oh Lord,by your power,I will prosper in the land of the living

144. Lord thank you for answered prayers

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  1. wonderful prayer points for a real warfare battle.