Monday, 7 July 2014

Victory Over Satanic Dreams

1. Lord thank you because it is well with me
2. Every power that want to hinder my prayers be destroyed in Jesus name
3. Oh Lord, let the blood of Jesus and the fire of God surround me day and night

4. Every dream attack against my destiny, be dismantled and perish in Jesus' name
5. Every power of darkness using my dreams to manipulate my life, lose your hold, and be cursed in Jesus' name.
6. My dream life, receive the fire of God, in the name of Jesus
7. In the name of Jesus, my life will not follow any evil pattern,
8. Every power of failure working in my dreams, be condemned now in Jesus' name.
9. Every power of demotion working against my destiny, be broken now by fire in the name of Jesus
10. O God arise and scatter every enemy of my prosperity in the name of Jesus.
11. You spiritual taskmaster exerting over me through my dreams to arrest divine benefits in my life receive the judgment of God now in Jesus name. –Isa.27:1
12. Every evil reinforcement and or counter attack marshaled against me and operating through my dreams or any other means, be scattered and receive the fire of God in Jesus name.

13. In the name of Jesus, I carry out a spiritual environmental sanitation and disinfection of my sleeping areas –Psm.115:16
14. I refuse to make the mistakes of my parents especially as it affects their dream lives in Jesus name.
15. Oh Lord, let every tare in my life wither and die off in Jesus name.
16. By the power of God,I receive strength for my spirit man to be strong and alert even when I am sleeping in Jesus name.
17. In the name of Jesus, receive the power to recall all dreams that are important in my life
18. By the finger of the Lord, I shall be victorious in all dreams.
19. Everyone of my properties, stolen in my dream be restored now in Jesus name.
20. Oh Lord,I refuse to obey evil summons in the dream in Jesus name.
21. As Jacob’s dreams in Gen.30-31, led him into the wisdom for wealth transfer, my dreams will lead to my promotion and upliftment.
22. Oh Lord, I receive wisdom to comport myself for the fulfillment of all my good dreams.
23. Evil agents tormenting me in my dreams, kill yourself in Jesus name!
24. Lord, arise by yourself and by all means give me peace in my dreams. – 2Thess.3:16.
25. Thank you Lord because victory is mine

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  1. Amen
    may the almighty God your heart desire that is not a sin IJN