Monday, 17 March 2014


1. I plunder every habitation of strange women/men and render it desolate in the name of Jesus.
2. You strange powers from the bottom of river, under rock, under evil trees and graveyard fashioned against my marriage be roasted in Jesus name.
3. I command every activity of strange women/men in the life of my husband/wife to cease immediately now in Jesus name.
4. Father Lord, shied my married from evil sun shinning by the day and evil moon of the night in Jesus name.
5. You son of the strange woman/man you will not shine upon my marriage in Jesus name.
6. You moon of the strange woman/man you will not locate my marriage in Jesus mighty name.
7. I command every strange leg in my marriage, my life and husband/wife’s life to walk out now in the mighty name of Jesus.
8. I release myself from the cage of spiritual husband/wife in Jesus name.
9. Oh Lord, I smite the head of strange women/men in my Husband/wife’s life and my life against the rock and command them to dash to pieces beyond recognition in Jesus name.
10. I command the fire of to burn to ashes every strange woman or man sleeping on my matrimonial bed in Jesus name.
11. Arrows from under the river, tree, rock, graveyard, and road junctions fashioned against my marriage be paralyzed and be frustrated in Jesus mighty name.
12. Father Lord, I release your itching powder upon every strange power working against my marriage in Jesus name.
13. Oh Lord, I command the release of Your fire, brimstone, sword, thunder and arrow upon the head of marriage breakers in my life in the name of Jesus.
14. Blood of Jesus let my marriage be hidden in You against the powers of marriage destroyers.
15. I destroy with Holy Ghost fire every marriage destroyers attached to my life in Jesus name.

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