Thursday, 20 March 2014


1.My Father,My Father, rescue my life from death and destruction.
2.My Father,My Father, save me and all my loved ones from death.
3.My Father,My Father,I declare I shall not die but live to declare the glory of the Lord.
4.My Father,My Father, deliver me form every distress and trouble.
5.My Father,My Father, send your word and let me not be subject to any destruction or disease.
6.My Father,My Father, uphold me and cover me and my family with your wings, shield me from death, terminal disease and accidents.
7.My Father,My Father, satisfy me with long life according to your word
8.My Father,My Father,none of the diseases of this land shall afflict me and my family members in Jesus Name
9.My Father,My Father, according to your word, bless my bread and water and let sickness be far from me in Jesus Name.

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